Line Production Turkey 

LPT is a line production film brand of that based in Turkey and U.S.A..  We’re known with our Line Producers for resourceful contacts, amazing locations, great crew, problem-solving skills and scrupulous attention to budget. We provide full production and post-production services in Turkey. 

Production Support

We line produce your films offering a wide spectrum of film and television equipment, english speaking crews, trained manpower, all logistics including wide ranging lodging –boarding, transportation, all production related services and support anywhere in Turkey.

Location Scouting

We help you find locations within and outside Turkey. We even guide you on the best seasons to shoot, lighting conditions, and logistics availability at the location.

Shooting Permissions

We organise permissions from all Government, semi Government authorities and private persons for film shoots.

Guidance & Help

We guide and organise foreign film locations, visa facilitation, subsidies and grants (if available), production and post-production facilities, ticketing, catering, transportation, escorting and world class equipment anywhere in Turkey.

Tax Return

With regard to production of cinematographic works approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, foreign film producers can receive returns of the VAT paid during procurement and import of the goods and services that they buy within the duration of film shooting.

"It was an absolute pleasure to partner with Line Production Turkey, a group of thoroughly professional and hardworking individuals. We saw some challenging times during our shooting spell, as is the case with any major production, but the team kept their calm and exceeded our expectations by efficiently handling such situations. Needles to say, I am very impressed with their work and would definitely team up with them next time as well."
Humayun Saeed
Actor - Producer


Line Production Turkey

Aysecik Sokak No:29/11, Sisli – Istanbul / Turkey

T: +90 212 347 3465 M: +90 533 455 2500